A discerning drink for the discerning few

As you head to a cozy tree-lined corner in Sunder Nagar, Central Delhi, and you will find yourself drifted to a century ago, standing at the foyer of A Ta Maison- a private member’s club. If you thought this was a thing of the past, be ready for a surprise. Designed in the classic fashion, the club gives reflects the typical old English charm, where the elite ladies and the gentlemen can look for an exclusive time.

For those discerning few, A Ta Maison or ATM is the place of ultimate luxury- the indulgences of a butler, Europe’s Michelin-starred chefs, carefully curated liquors and liqueurs, and not to mention, the country’s award-winning cocktails. And a place so privileged would present you with nothing less than extraordinary.

To bring exclusive experiences to your table, the creative bartenders at ATM conjure up unique concoctions to suit the whims and fancies of every member. Always on the lookout for something unique, they found their new muse in two special teas-Blue Tea and Red Egyptian Hibiscus Tea. Classy and sophisticated with a select taste, each of these herbal teas is made from the finest organic herbs, sundried and handpicked, so you get the most original aroma and taste.

The Blue Tea made from dried butterfly pea flower, which adds a natural azure hue to your tea. When mixed with any drink, it brings a unique coloration and flavor. The Red Tea, on the other hand, is blended with Egyptian Hibiscus flowers which renders a crimson color to your drinks. Using these naturally colorful and aromatic herbal teas, the bartenders at ATM have introduced two new drinks on their bar menu.

The Red & White Egyptian Hibiscus Cooler and the Unicorn Blue Purple Lemonade add to their proud portfolio of signature cocktails and complement the cliquish feel of the club.

A discerning drink for the discerning few, the red and the blue tea coolers can be the drink of the night for your next kitty party or a rendezvous with special guests!