A recent research on the tea consumption in India reported that about 35% of the total number are from the age group of 16-18 years of age. And those between the age groups of 23-25, comprised about 54% of the total tea drinkers. This goes to show that the culture of tea-drinking culture is not limited to adults or middle-aged members of the society. About 19% of the total population (Census 2015) of India comprises people between the age group of 15-24. And new tea adopters in this age group has proven to be the biggest growth drivers for the tea industry.

However, the tea-drinking culture of the younger population is not restricted to the traditional masala chai but extends to exotic teas, herbal beverages and more. The reason being health concerns and the introduction of fancy concoctions to the Indian tea culture. And the youth always seeks uniqueness. In a rapidly changing scenario as such, herbal teas from Blue Tea India finds its right target segment to become a part of the daily tea practice.

The natural flavours of blue, purple and red teas make for a healthy beverage for India’s youth. Made with organic herbs like Egyptian hibiscus flowers, South East Asian butterfly pea flowers and Indian spices from Kerala, these teas add to a whole range of health benefits:-

  • It’s a great start to the day with a refreshing cup of herbal drink, minus the caffeine.
  • The natural colours and aromas make for a visual appeal, which adds to a great evening get-together
  • The sundried, organic herbs like mint, lemon and ginger aid in digestion, when taken as an after-meal beverage.
  • The medicinal properties of butterfly pea and hibiscus serve as a detox and anti-ageing agent. These herbs also help in fat reduction, controls blood pressure, and increases the elasticity of the skin.

 With organic ingredients and nature’s goodness, Blue Tea beverages are a powerful drink for the super active youth.

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