Right across the banks of the Mandovi in the town of Panjim, you will find the perfect corner to take a break. Simple yet cosy, the Cremeux Café and Bistro is your right place to unwind after a city tour. The half-colonial, half-contemporary setting with the bright Goan color themes fits perfectly with its drinks menu.  

To add a boost to your vacation mood, sip on the most colorful drinks called Blue, Red and Purple Teas. Blue TeaIndia’s range of aromatic teas with organic and sun-dried herbs, butterfly pea flower and natural sweetener make for an apt drink to unwind with. Tea in Goa? You might wonder. But it’s not an ordinary tea that you would find here at Cremeux.

 The 4.5 star rated Zomato acclaimed restaurant has found itself among the best cafes of Goa, the credit of which goes to its Chef and his concept for Cremeux’s menu. Experienced with working at five-star hotels, Chef Lalbir Woli enjoys exploring new segments of drink with new ingredients. Discovering Blue Tea, he started experimenting with each of the red, blue and purple teas.Ever since Cremeux has been serving their own concoctions of exclusive beverages. By adding mint, oranges, lemon and local Goan herbs, Chef Lalbir has taken these herbal teas to a whole new level, giving every visitor a drink to reckon with. You can enjoy a regular warm cuppa of the blue or purple tea or cool down with a glass of hibiscus based red iced tea or a chilled purple mojito.

Each of these fancy teas is herbal and all natural, nevertheless. As alluring as they are to your eyes, they are equally power-packed with health benefits. Sourced from the wilderness of Egypt, South East Asia, and southern India, each of these teas brings a calming effect to your mind and body. So, your vacation feels like a truly rejuvenating one.

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