As Indians, we love waking up with a cup of hot masala chai (spiced tea). The pungent spices and the strongly brewed tea leaves seem to give our brains a kick-start for the day ahead. And, let’s admit it, we are kind of addicted to this morning cuppa. But over the years, doctors have been dissuading us from this overtly boiled concoction, in the best interest of our liver and other digestive organs. To switch to a healthy lifestyle, most people are considering resorting to herbal teas. Take blue tea for example. Blue and bright, these cerulean teas is indeed a refreshing thing to happen to you, first thing in the morning, or before you cuddle up at night. The blue tea, introduced by Blue Tea Indiais made from organically grown butterfly pea flowers. And spices from Kerala added to the flowers, render a flavour and aroma akin to your favourite ‘ desi chai’, only subtler.

ClitoriaTernatea (botanical name) a native herb of South East Asia, is widely cultivated in this region for its natural properties. The petals are handpicked and sundried to retain its original flavours and nutritional content. The colour of these flowers come naturally from anthocyanin polyphenols concentrated in them. In fact, most naturally blue or purple coloured food like blueberries, purple cabbage, eggplant etc. are high in this pigment.

The anthocyanin is a natural detoxifying agent which helps boost metabolism, and thus keep your body weight in control. When these flowers are blended with other digestive herbs and spices like ginger, lemon and mint leaves, you get double the benefits. Ginger and mint are both known for increasing metabolism and help in digestion. Lemon works as an anti-inflammatory agent, thus helping you lose weight. However, it must be noted that these butterfly pea flowers cannot work as a miraculous weight-loss agent. The idea of the blue tea is to give you a healthier alternative to your daily masala chai, but also elevate your taste buds. So, you can stay fit, enjoy your favourite cuppa and start your days a healthy note.

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