BLUE TEA - The Magical Blue Herb - BlueTea Blogs of 2018

Imagine a cup of tea that could change its colour? Sounds magical, doesn’t it? As surprising as it may sound, nature has blessed us with miraculous plants and herbs that can do wonders for our health.

One such magical blue herb is the butterfly pea flower. The flowers of this exotic Asian plant, are packed with nature’s goodness and has been known to man for its therapeutic properties. The ancient life science of Ayurveda speaks of the medicinal benefits of this azure herb to treat an array of human health conditions.

The flowers are sundried and extracted in a drinkable form to render Blue Tea. Depending on the brew, this tea yields different shades of blue varying between cerulean to indigo. Botanical research has unravelled the holistic healing properties of this floral herb from controlling your blood pressure to boosting your memory.

Blue Tea Blend

Blue Tea blends dried butterfly pea flowers with organic Indian herbs and spices, to bring you a cup of refreshing taste.

The butterfly pea sourced from forests of South East Asia's mixed with organic spices from plantations of Kerala, hand-picked and sundried to give a smoky flavour. It is then blended with stevia leaves, to give a natural sweetness to your tea, so you get nothing but real indulgence on your palate while boosting your health.

 A cup of blue tea every day can indeed keep your physician away. Because -

It’s anti-ageing

Tea to control ageing! You might wonder. But this herbaceous floral tea is high on anti-oxidants like pro-anthocyanidin, responsible for collagen and elasticity of your skin. While the bioflavonoids help in regeneration of your skin cells.

It’s a pain reliever

Feeling achy? A hot cup of Blue Tea can relieve you from muscle fatigue and pains, in the most natural way. The analgesic properties of butterfly pea flowers are proven to work on your body aches, pains, and strains.

It’s blessing for your hair

Worried about falling hair? The bioflavonoids in the butterfly pea are known to promote hair growth, enhance hair texture, while also reducing premature greying of hair. Treating yourself regularly to a serving of Blue Tea can replenish hair loss and de-stress your tresses.

With a natural floral taste and aroma, and convenient packaging, Blue Tea can become your go-to drink, anytime, anywhere.