The fast-moving lifestyle calls for a quick bite and a drink on-the-go. Most quick service food outlets (QSR) at malls, theaters, and airports, are always ready with a flavorful and colorful concoction of juices, sodas, and syrups. But as speedy as these are to make and have, most of them are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.

At Blue Tea India, we are trying to change the way drinks are made and served at QSRs. With unique blends of organic and exotic herbs, we ensure taste and health for people on the move.

Also, from a business perspective, the blue tea makes for an economical investment or the outlet, with each drink costing as low as Rs 25 (cost price).

Each cup of blue tea costs about Rs 5 and the base of the QSR drink (fruit juices or concentrates) cost up to a maximum of Rs 20 for each serving. The cost of the final product comes to an MRP of Rs 100- 200 per drink.

The blue tea is made from naturally grown butterfly pea flower, which is handpicked and sundried to retain complete flavour and nutrition. Other added herbs like ginger, lemon, curry leaves etc. enhance its taste and aroma. The tea is further sweetened naturally with stevia leaves.

For an organic and healthy drink at your QSR outlet, here’s what you can do-

Steep 2 gm of loose leaf blue tea in 1 litre of water. Brew it for 2 minutes. Strain and let it cool. The cooled tea can be stored in the refrigerator for repeated use. Use a fruit concentrate or juice of your choice for the base. Pineapple, apple, lychee, orange or even coconut water work well with the blue tea. Add 100 ml of blue tea on top of 200 ml of the drink base. The inherent sweetness of the juices along with that of the blue tea makes these drinks almost sugar-free.

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