Coconut makes for a wonderful natural drink which you can have all the year round. The fresh mint-like aroma and the nutty taste create a great sensation on your taste-buds. And the natural nutrition content keeps you refreshed and healthy. Now think of elevating the taste and goodness of coconut water with the colours and flavours of herbal teas. As strange as it might sound, coconut water blends beautifully with organic herbal teas from Blue Tea Indialike the blue tea and red teas. #DadaBartender of Cocktails creates a unique concoction with the sweetness of coconut, the freshness of blue tea and the tangy, tart flavour of hibiscus tea

The blue tea, made from dried butterfly pea flowers gives a classic indigo tint to your drink. And, the red tea, made from Egyptian hibiscus flowersadd a bold, crimson hue. Each of these flowers and herbs is handpicked and sundried for optimum taste and nutritional values. When blended with pure coconut water, these drinks render exquisite colours and best benefits of all the herbs, flowers and fruit.

Here’s how you can make Coconut Hibiscus & Blue Teacooler right at your home.

You’ll need:

Blue Tea India’s Red Tea and Blue Tea- 1 bag of each

The water of 1 coconut

Dried hibiscus flower (optional) for garnish

Slice of lemon for garnish

Honey (optional)


Steep red tea in 250 ml of hot water. Separately, in another cup, steep blue teain 250 ml of hot water. Coconut water is naturally sweet, so you don’t need extra sweetener. But add a tablespoon of honey if you must. Wait for 4-5 minutes for each tea to give out the complete flavour and colour. Strain and set aside. In a glass, mix coconut water and red tea. Stir well to blend. Fill one-third of a tall glass with ice cubes. Add the hibiscus tea-coconut water mixture. Slowly pour the blue tea on top of the ice cubes, so the layer stays separate. Garnish with dried hibiscus flowers or a slice of lemon.

So, this summer, get creative and boast a bunch of fancy drinks to your guests.


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