Bar Manager- Amit experimenting with Blue Tea in a drink. PC: Public Affair, New Delhi

Bartending is one of the most interactive aspects of the culinary world. Every drink concocted by a bartender speaks of their creative skills and reflects their personality. So, when you sit at a bar with a colourful cocktail, you are most likely unaware of what innovation goes behind it unless you see a bartender in action.

Every bartender takes the pleasure of playing around with an array of liquors and liqueurs, blending them with juices and syrups to create a unique drink every time. However, most of these mixers are high in sugar and loaded with artificial ingredients and colours. Like grenadine, for example, though is a syrup made from pomegranate, still contains artificial red colour. Same goes for green apple, blueberry, and similar other syrups.

(Top) Bar Manager Amit creates a new recipe with Red Tea. PC: Public Affair, New Delhi

(Bottom) Ex. Chef Anas Qureshi concocting a Blue Mojito – his version of the Cuban highball. PC: No Vacany, New Delhi

Now, when a mixologist lands on a completely natural substitute for his favourite mixers, you can expect nothing less than the best of cocktails in town. With Blue Tea India’s range of finest organic teas, bartenders have a newfound additive to experiment within their new recipes .

Each of these teas is made with the finest herbs like butterfly pea flower and Egyptian hibiscus. The flowers are organically grown, handpicked and sundried to retain their core flavour and give the most natural colour to any food or drink. They are then blended with herbs like lemon, ginger, and spices to give a subtle zesty touch to the drink.

Bar Manager- Uttam Singh found a new muse in Red Tea for his fancy potions. PC: Bodega, Kolkata

Being naturally colourful, each of the blue tea, purple tea, and red tea, render an indigo, lilac and a crimson tint to the drinks. All the good reasons for the barkeeper to explore his bar skills and go all the way with his creative ideas. Successfully experimenting with Blue Tea India’s tea blends, some of the best bartenders and mixologists of the country are conjuring up the most eclectic mixes of drinks and baffling their patrons.

Chef LalbirWoli training his crew on the art of mixing Blue Tea in lemonades and summer drinks. PC: Cremeux, Goa.

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