Discover blue tea by the blue sea

The golden sands, the silver waves,and the beryl blueocean touching the azure sky- Goa undoubtedly remains India’s favorite beach destination. When we talk about a holiday in Goa, the first image that comes to our minds is a relaxed day at the beach, sipping on a colorful cocktail. Sounds truly refreshing, doesn’t it? Now, what if you had a drink to match every hue of Goa’s sea and its beaches?

With Blue Tea, you can indulge in the most naturally colorful drinks, while you bask in the sun on the beach. TajVivanta,one of South Goa’s most exotic retreats, has captured the blues of the oceans and the sky to their table, with their newest style of welcome drinks.

Using the rare colors and flavors of Blue Tea and Red Tea, Tajhas introduced the most magnificent drinks, apt to this beach destination. Made with the exclusive range of teas from Blue Tea India, each of these drinks usher youinto Goa in the region’s true colors. Blue Tea made from butterfly pea flower and blended with organic spices and herbs like gingergive the most natural blue color. When brewed and steeped differently, it renders three exquisite shades of blue, just like the varied hues of Goa’s seas. Likewise, the Red Tea brings a crimson tint to your favorite beverages, to rightly match the setting sun on the beach.

TajVivanta, finds Blue Tea to be the newest and most sought-after ingredient to bring unique concoctions to the table. With indigo, cerulean, and teal shades from just one tea, the Chef innovates a whole new series of welcome drinks for the guests.

“Color is a critical thing when it comes to Goa. Modern-day chefs and F&B Managers are resorting to herbal and organic blends, due to health factors as well as unique flavors. And what’s better than to add a chromatic touch to drinks, in the most natural way”, says Chef Sahil.

So, on your next vacation to Goa, soak in the shades of the oceans complemented by the brightly colored teas!