Egyptian hibiscus - Adding Colours to your Drinks Naturally - BlueTea Blogs of 2018

The vibrant red hibiscus with a bright yellow centre is indeed a beauty of the garden. Endemic to Africa and sub-tropical Asia these flowers are quite significant to their respective cultures. These scarlet blossoms have been in use from the times of ancient civilizations. Like, in Egypt, a drink was made by boiling these flowers along with herbs and spices and used an offering to the Gods. The pharaohs and the queens would consider this tea to be an elixir for health. And, the red beverage would serve as a drink of celebration. Thus the Egyptian hibiscus variety came to be a sought-after herb to be used in drinks.

A little different from the Asian genus, the African version of the flowers are darker in colour and render a stronger pigment when boiled and extracted. Even in terms of taste, the Egyptian hibiscus flowers have a fine balance of sweet and tangy flavour that makes the final output more delectable.

These flowers are grown organically, then handpicked and sundried to retain its complete flavour and the bold, blood-red tint. The Egyptian hibiscus tea comes blended with stevia leaves so your tea is naturally sweet you get complete benefits in its natural form. Research reveals manifold benefits of this tea. From being an anti-oxidant to building immunity, this simple flower is a natural miracle.

For culinary aficionados, the natural crimson colour of Egyptian Hibiscus tea works as an amazing ingredient to add a red tint to your food and drinks. You can steep the tea as strong as you want and blend it with a fruit juice of your choice. The vitamin C content of the flowers adds tart to your beverage, while the colour brings a unique visual appeal. Chefs and foodies have been experimenting with the natural red colour of the Egyptian Hibiscus, blended in Blue Tea India’s Red Tea, to create fancy concoctions and innovative recipes.

So, forget the artificial flavours and colours, and include the naturally refreshing and colourful organic Egyptian Hibiscus Tea, for your creative culinary ideas!