Egyptian Hibiscus Orange Cooler - - BlueTea Blogs of 2018

Juicy, tangy, sweet, and vibrant, oranges can be a delectable and healthy addition to any food or drink. Irrespective of the weather, oranges taste wonderful on the palate. And when you mix the juice of orange with organic herbs, you get nothing less than a heavenly concoction. We have all had iced teas with orange flavour at some point of time. But have you ever thought of trying a hibiscus orange cooler?

Blue Tea India’s Red Tea brings you the sweet taste and aroma of exotic Egyptian hibiscus flowers, added with organic Indian herbs like ginger, lemon, and other spices. When you merge these earthy flavours with tangy orange, you derive a drink that is not only extraordinary but also healthful.

The Red Tea itself is full of goodness. The herbs and flowers are all handpicked and sundried, to retain their nutritional values. The naturally sweet stevia leaves, already added to the tea, keep you away from artificial sweeteners. And topped off with fresh orange, gives you all the Vitamin C that you need.

So, come hot or cold weather, a glass of floral iced tea, blended with fresh orange juice can keep you refreshed and healthy, all day long.


Here’s how you can make your own Egyptian Hibiscus Orange Cooler:

You’ll need:


Steep the Red Tea in 250 ml of hot water. Wait for 4-5 minutes till you extract the complete flavour and colour. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey (or lesser if you like), while the tea is warm. Separately, juice 2-3 oranges in a juicer. Add it to the cooled tea. From the skin, peel a few spirals of the rind and set aside. Fill one-third of a tall glass with ice cubes. Pour in the orange-red tea mixture. Garnish with orange rinds and few sprigs of mint. For an autumn flavour, you can a pinch of cinnamon when you steep your tea. For garnish, coat the glass-rims with crushed cinnamon and clove, to give a spicy touch to your cooler.