We have all seen the Hibiscus flower- the bright red blossom that elevates the vibes of any garden. But did you know that Hibiscus, especially the ones from Egypt, is ambrosia for your health? Particularly, the Egyptian Hibiscus flowers have been used as a medicinal beverage for hundreds of years, by the pharaohs and kings of Egypt. In fact, the Hibiscus Tea was known as the ‘Tea of the Gods’. The buds were sundried and boiled to render a crimson coloured beverage.

To add an interesting fact, our 5000-year old life science-Ayurveda also speaks of Hibiscus flower and its health benefits. In ancient India, extracts of Hibiscus flowers and its parts were used as a detoxifying element and help in digestion.


The practice remains the same, only that the world is exposed to this nature’s nectar, in the wake of healthy and organic living. In the modern world, the Hibiscus flower is widely found in the African and tropical Asian countries. Modern botanical research reveals that the Hibiscus plant is high in Vitamin C and possesses anti-oxidant properties.


The direct health benefits of Hibiscus and its tea are manifold. A serving as small as 8 ounces of Hibiscus tea can give you relief from high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and minimize risks of cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of the flower can also serve as a digestive agent, boost intestinal immunity and help cure liver diseases. Being high in Vitamin C, mineral, hibiscus also works for gradual weight loss. Now, isn’t that a power-packed flower?


This aromatic floral tea can be used as a hot tea for a cold day or blended with ice to make an icy, summer cooler. A cup of this rubicund drink at a relaxed hour can help you with hypertension or anxiety. For those concerned with this tea’s nutritional content, this is good news. Hibiscus Tea has zero calories and is caffeine free!

Blue Tea brings you the rich natural properties of hibiscus tea in its unique blends of organic teas. A naturally flavorful plant and herb, hibiscus tea has a mild tangy taste and is closely similar to that of cranberry. So, you can indulge your palate as well as in good health!

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