As you walk into Pa Pa Ya, at Select City Walk Mall, the heady aroma of the Far East fill your senses. While you try to get your bearings from the 70 feet high ceiling, down to the sushi bar, your eyes steal glimpses of uniquely plated dishes moving across tables.

This chic, contemporary and quirky Pan-Asian restaurant has earned quite a recognition with its ‘radical reinterpretation’ on traditional Asian food. An eclectic blend of different cuisines across all Asian countries, this trendy restaurant in Delhi is going places with their exotic menu and not to mention, pleasantly outlandish plating. The bistro and tapas bar allures foodies with its reinvented Asian recipes and serving style. Executive Chef, Sahil takes the onus and is rightly credited for the innovative dining concept of Pa Pa Ya. And, he has taken it to the next level with experimental beverages.

When it comes to drinks and beverages, Pa Pa Ya also has a high score with their culinary innovation. Primarily known for food and drinks, Pa Pa Ya has recently started exploring a whole new segment of beverage for its patrons. With Chef Sahil’s initiative, you can now explore a wide range of herbal teas on Pa Pa Ya’s menu. After all, the Oriental cuisine is incomplete without tea. And lest you start imagining a potful of Jasmine or Oolong tea, here’s a surprise. As quaint as the place and its menu, Pa Pa Ya’s tea list is also exclusive - Blue Tea, Red Tea and Purple Tea.

Each of these teas is made with essential natural ingredients- butterfly pea flower, hibiscus flowers, ginger, lemon, and other organic spices from India and South East Asia. The natural colours of the ingredients render a vibrant touch to your cup of comfort. The teas served in transparent cups and garnished with edible flowers, mint and other herbs is undoubtedly a treat to your eyes. Naturally sweetened with stevia leaves, these colourful teas from the house of Blue Tea India, make for a great after-meal beverage or a great start to a hearty dinner at Pa Pa Ya.

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