Enhancing the hues of Radisson Blu with Blue Tea - BlueTea Blogs of 2018

When it comes to celebrating a big event, why do we all resort to the conventional drinks and beverages? What if we bring the drink of the ancient gods, to the table? If you are wondering what it might be, all we mean is a big potful of fragrant, aromatic and colourful teas. Surprised? Imagine a sweet and tangy herbal beverage as your celebratory drink. Radisson Blu is breaking all conventions by adding Blue Tea India’s herbal teas to their restaurant menus. General Manager Munish Bhatia has been exploring the event menus with the Blue and Purple teas by Blue Tea India. Unique in look and taste, the teas have scored quite a reputation among patrons, wedding invites, and corporate guests.

Walk into Satin or Cross Avenue and you would be floored, first by their chic and sleek interiors, and then by the innovative beverage list. Executive Chef Avinash Jain, Radisson Blu found his new muse with Blue Tea. Adding to his culinary prowess the blue and purple teas by Blue Tea are doing wonders for his eclectic Asian flair. Chef believes that tea completes the Oriental platter. And more so when you have aromatic and naturally tinted drinks to complement the colourful Asian menu.

Made from finest herbs sourced from South East Asia, and Southern India, these teas are just the treat you need after a hearty meal. And add their colour plays for a visual treat. And when you have a skilled and experienced chef to experiment with the recipes, you can expect nothing less ordinary. The all natural and organic ingredients make these teas good for your appetite and heavenly on your taste-buds. Made from dried butterfly pea flowers, lemon, ginger, organic Kerala spices, and naturally sweetened with stevia leaves, the blue tea, and purple teas can be blended into ice teas, cocktails, and mock-tails. This wedding season, add colours to your party with the vibrant colours of Blue Tea!