There are chefs create culinary wonders with new and innovative ingredients. And then there are chefs who believe that real magic is in the most obvious things, right in front of us. Chef NishantChoubey, the Executive Chef at Roseate Hotels, Delhi, strongly believes that every natural herb and condiment can do wonders if revisited with a whole new perspective. His philosophy has earned him the sobriquet of India’s Sustainability Chef.

With a mission to educate the world on the use of herbs and natural ingredients, Chef Nishant continues with his trials of new flavours, natural colours and organic components to bring out the best. In one of such trials, he sampled the complete range of Blue Tea. And he has been in love with their aroma, colours and flavours, ever since. Being a naturalist, he scored the teas high on their 100% organic ingredients. Natural colours from the richness of hibiscus flowersand the cerulean butterfly pea flowers, add a subtle tint to the final brew. Also, each of the tea blends is packed with powerful herbs like ginger, lemon, organic spices which add to a whole bunch of health benefits from each cup. While stevia leaves make the teas naturally sweet.

Chef also admires the fact that these teas are caffeine and cholesterol free- a challenge most food ingredients face today. On a tete-a-tete with tea, here’s what Chef Nishant shared about Blue Tea

Blue Tea, One Word- Beautiful! Another word - Amazing! Use in Noodles Rice and Desserts. It's one of the best natural colour ingredients available. Glad, now in India.”


In the culinary business, he believes, the natural colours of Blue Tea blends, bring a great opportunity to chefs and bartenders to play around with recipes and ideas. Like, he had a few tricks up his sleeves with his newfound love of Blue Tea. Thus, bringing something new to the table, every time, and all natural!

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