Prafull, the man behind MBA Chaiwala says about Blue Tea

Prafull, the man behind MBA Chaiwala Invests in Blue Tea.


“Tastes Good”- Prafull, the man behind MBA Chaiwala says about Blue Tea.


Prafull, a name that needs no introduction in the entrepreneurship world today, has something amazing to say about Blue Tea.


We all know Prafull as one of India's youngest and brightest entrepreneurs who has built an INR 4 Cr turnover in just 5 years, selling franchises of his Tea brand- MBA Chaiwala.


He began with a single Tea stall and created an empire out of it. Today he has over 50 outlets in PAN India. At the age of 25, he became a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, celebrity, and social influencer for youth. Some of his initiatives like ‘Mehfil a kavita’, and ‘free chai for singles’ in his early days were praised to be out-of-the-box and were highly appreciated on Social Media. Ever since, Prafull has been invited to many talk shows by various colleges like IITs, IIMs, LPU, TEDxKIET (along with Nitin Gadkari), Josh Talks, TEDxMDI Gurgaon, etc. He has been interviewed and covered by large media giants like BBC, ZEE, AAJ TAK, INDIA TV, CNN, etc. He has also released a book titled, ‘All You Need is JOSH’.

How Blue Tea ticks all the boxes for him!


As someone who knows in and out about Tea, Prafull is impressed by the way Blue Tea is promoting Indian Ayurveda, taking the ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Teas to the world.  


“Tastes Good. Proud of you team Blue Tea. Take India to the world.”

  • Prafull.

    He, being an ardent preacher of empowering one’s mind and keeping a positive mindset,  loves the fact that our signature product the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea can help in releasing stress and anxiety in this fast-paced world. Butterfly Pea Flowers had been used for centuries as mind boosters that can help raise concentration and memory.


    Prafull runs hundreds of Campaigns and several NGOs for Women's Empowerment, Blood donations, and other social causes. He likes that 90% of our Farmers are women.


    He believes in giving back to the community as you advance. He himself has helped in several crises like the Kerala floods raising funds for the victims. 1% of Blue Tea’s profit goes to education and daily midday meals for 2 million children.


    Blue Tea is also conscious about the environment and hence uses Eco-conscious packaging using as less non-biodegradables as possible.


    We thank Prafull for his kind words and wish him all the success ahead.

    So have you tried this Ayurvedic Herbal Tea yet? If not, visit our website and order now.

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