Purple- a color known for its luxurious appeal. From time immemorial, the color purple has always been associated with nobility, royalty, luxury,and power. In psychology,purple represents creativity, wisdom, grandeur, mystery, dignity, pride and independence. If you correlate this to history, you would find this theory to be largely true.

All the kings and nobles, emperors and dukes would flaunt the color in their royal garb or their kingdom seal. In the era of the Romans, Julius and Augustus Caesar passed a decree that only the Emperor and his royal family members could wear the color purple. Anyone outside the royalty was punished if they ever touched anything of that shade. With such high regard towards the color, purple became inaccessible to the common man. In the later years, even after the abolition of monarchy in most countries, the royal attribute still remained to purple.


According to color therapy, purple, a blend of blue and red, embodies the warmth of red and the calmness of blue. It stimulates and uplifts spirits, calms the mind and nerves and encourages the spiritual side of our minds.

Because this color was not naturally available, scientists discovered pure purple color through lab experiments. In fact, the first dye ever made was purple. Discovered by William Henry Perkin in 1856, this chemical was derived out of coal tar and named Mauveine. Today, with the support of science and technology, the common man has the democracy to wear, use and consume anything purple, unlike in ancient times. And the benefits of this color is paramount.

If you look at nature, anything that is purple and the shades of it is regarded as unique, special and possessing extraordinary qualities. Food likepurple cabbages, blackcurrants, figs, dark grapes, eggplant, and lavender, have endless health benefits. And, so is the naturally blue butterfly pea. When blended with lemon and ginger as a tea, it renders a luscious violet hue. The pigment is rich in anthocyanin, an organic chemical which contributes to its deep purple color and loads of health benefits. Regularly drinking Purple Tea can provide a generous dose of bioflavonoids, which contributes to a healthy heart, and works as an anti-aging and anti-depressant. 

A cup of the royalPurple Tea every day can help you lay it out in lavender- keeping you relaxed and healthy!

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