Purple Tea- a quick and healthy drink for a QSR - BlueTea Blogs of 2018

The key to a successful quick service food and drink outlet (QSR) is how fast and cost-effective can they be. Yet, at the same time, the end product must be tasteful and appeal to the customer on the move. Blue Tea India brings a whole new perspective to the drink menus at QSRs, with their new and unique purple tea. By adding such fine blends of tea to regular drinks on-the-go, Blue Tea is redefining the quality of QSR drinks.

The purple tea is made with organic butterfly pea flowers, which are an exotic wild herb from South East Asia, and are full of natural benefits. The natural indigo tint of the flower adds a vivid blue colour to the tea. The colour may vary depending upon the steeping time. Accordingly, it helps to create colour variations in the final drink. These sundried flowers are then blended with ginger and lemon for a subtle piquant flavour. Furthermore, this tea a smart investment for your QSR with the cost price of each tea as low as Rs 25 (including the base).

You can brew the purple tea much in advance so when you blend your final drink, it’s quick and easy at the counter. Here’s how you can serve a healthy and refreshing drink to go:

Boil 2 gm of loose leaf purple tea in 1 liter of water for 2 minutes. Decant and cool. You can store the brewed tea in the refrigerator for repeated use. Use a fruit concentrate or juice of your choice for the drink base. Pineapple, apple, lychee, orange or even coconut water work well withpurple tea. In your serving glass/cup, add 200 ml of fruit juice base and top it off with ice. Pour 100 ml of purple tea on top. Garnish with toppings of your choice. The tangy and sweet taste of purple tea complements the fruits and floral undertone enhances the aroma of the final drink.