Ask anyone today and you will hear them following or at least wanting to follow a healthy regime. The goal, however, is primarily to lose weight and look great. Call it a fad or call it a need, finding options to slim down has been the talk of the hour. Then why not resort to completely natural ways of slimming down and looking your best? Ever thought of making a regular tea your secret to good health? And if that tea is also appealing to your eyes and your taste-buds?

Blessed by nature, the power of herbs and medicinal flowers is endless. And, blended with such magical herbs, a cup of Purple Tea is a blessing in disguise. As fascinating as it looks, its health benefits are manifold. Every serving of Purple Tea is power-packed with sundried, butterfly pea flowers, lemon, ginger, and naturally sweetened with stevia leaves, you can glow in the pink of health. Each ingredient addresses different parts of your body, so you get a holistic solution to your health conditions.

Beauty with Purple Tea

Butterfly pea flower, endemic to South East Asia is hand-picked and sundried to bring you its optimum benefits. This miraculous blue herb has been known to man since ages for its high antioxidant and detoxifying properties. The natural bioflavonoids of the flowers help break down the sugar molecules, while its diuretic properties also help reduce water retention, which overall aids in slimming.

Lemon, a known source of rich Vitamin C is the key recipe for weight loss. The acid content of lemon helps cut the excess salt in your body which causes weight gain. A hot cup of Purple Tea every morning can keep you fit, slim and add to your glow.

And finally, ginger, another magical herb from the Asian subtropics, makes the Purple Tea a complete health solution. The digestive properties of ginger help to eliminate toxins and strengthen your core.

Finally, a touch of naturally sweet stevia leaves enhances the experience of your favourite morning or afternoon cuppa. The sweet and tangy taste of the blissful blend of organic herbs and plants is also blessed with zero calories and no caffeine. Start your day with a cup of beau-tea with Purple Tea !

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