Tea Experts speak- unique flavours of new Indian teas - BlueTea Blogs of 2018

 The culture of tea drinking in India is as old as tea cultivation itself. What started as a social practice hundreds of years ago, has gradually evolved into a fine art of understanding and experiencing the beverage in its true form. With Indian tea connoisseurs bringing home new flavours from beyond the borders, tea in India has taken the form of luxury, and a gourmet indulgence. And patrons of such finesse are the master tea tasters and blenders who have found a tasteful hobby in absorbing the aroma and the psyche of tea drinking.

Meet Anamika Singh, tea blender and owner of Anandini Himalaya Tea. Known for being one of the best in luxury hand-blended teas, this beverage gourmand keeps adding unique flavours to her list. Anamika’s expertise in understanding the subtlety and layers of flavours is natural as water is to a fish. Tasting the range of teas from Blue Tea was indeed an entirely new experience for her. Being a second generation tea grower, Anamika has an eye or let’s say, a palate for the truest taste, which brought her to all praises for the natural aromas, colours and refined taste of each ingredient. The sweet notes of butterfly pea flowers, the bold floral scent of hibiscus, the pungency of ginger, the smokiness of organic spices of Kerala and the subtle sweetness of stevia, all came together as Anamika’s own cup of warmth. On her experience with Blue Tea, here’s what she had to say-

First it's Blue Tea, second, it changes colour and third it's healthy. So it gives me wings for creativity for developing beautiful tastes out of Blue Tea and Purple tea blends. Winters will be colourful from this year on!”


Indeed, with tea connoisseurs all upbeat with innovative blends, indulging in tea would take a whole new turn!