The Great Indian wedding drink

The great Indian wedding always comes packed with vividness, festivities and not to mention great food and drinks. Then why not add a little more color to the already colorful Indian culture?

Meet TWB- The Wedding Bartenders, drink experts who cater to the Indian wedding galas. A concept caterer, TWB is today’s best in the country when it comes to creating something out-of-the-box for a wedding and something everyone would take home as a great memory. Chief creator of concept drinks and the owner of TWB himself, Mukesh Khatri is one creative soul. His latest innovation includes a set of drinks made for the bride and the groom- a blue and purple drink made with Blue Tea and Purple Tea respectively. Similar in taste, each of these drinks looks visually different, to signify the respective bride and the groom. The Blue Drink is meant for the groom and his side of invitees, while the Purple Drink is for the bride and her guests.


Each of these drinks is made with the colorful herbal teas by Blue Tea India. Mukesh believes, that natural colors are the best way to pep up food and add a vibrant touch to the whole event. These herbal teas are made with sundried butterfly pea flower which adds to the cerulean and violet hue to the drinks. Also infused withlemon, ginger and organic herbs, handpicked and packed efficiently to restore its authentic taste, these teas make for a refreshing drink. Mukesh adds his innovative touch to these teas by blending them with his special ingredients and conjures up a delectable concoction.

New to the Indian wedding culture, these drinks have been a great conversation starter and sparks off laughter and hearty celebrations. With these conceptual wedding drinks, TWB has taken the whole ‘ladki wale, ladke wale’ jokes,and one-liners to a whole new level. And with friends and acquaintances identifying themselves as proud supporters, blue tea and purple are earning accolades in the country’s social scenario.