Black Panther is coming to town, with all grit and force to fight his foes and earn his right on Wakanda. But the superhero needs a lot of power! Like other heroes, his strength comes from the Soulstone and a drink made from the Heart-shaped herb. Mutated by the meteorite Vibranium, this rare plant is his secret sourceof endless power- somethinghe needs to face his enemies. When he drinks the potion of this special herb, he gains speeds, agility, endurance and super senses.

Now, don’t we all want to have superpowers? Inspired by the character of Black Panther, we, at Blue Tea created our very own Supergirl- the Purple Tea Girl. Like Black Panther,the Supergirl’spowers lie in the miraculous Purple Tea. Her secret herb is the exotic butterfly pea flower and organic (secret) spices from the coastal jungles of South East Asia. When the tea is blended in a magical concoction, it gives the Supergirl special powers to move things. That’s how powerful the Purple Tea is.

If you want to make your own secret potion like the Black Panther’s drink, Purple Tea can come in handy. And, you don’t even need to go to Wakanda. Naturally colorful by the virtue of sundried butterfly pea flowers, lemon, ginger, and sweetened with stevia leaves, you can make your own superhero drink, right at your home!

Here’s a quick recipe:

Take a tall cocktail glass. Add coconut rum, pineapple rum, grape juice. Steep your Purple Tea (a little stronger than your regular hot tea) for a few minutes and let it cool. Add to the drink mix. Stir well. Garnish with dried lavender flowers. For the non-alcoholic version, blend grape juice, lime juice and top it off with double the portion of your purple tea. Voila! Your personalized heart-shaped herb drink is ready.


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