mother's day 2023 gift ideas

Top 5 Gifts for Every Mother - Mother’s Day gift guide 2023!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it's a perfect opportunity for us to express our love and gratitude towards them. It is a day that is dedicated to honoring all the sacrifices, unconditional love, and relentless hard work that they keep putting in for us, and that too with a broad smile on their face.


"We are born of love; Love is our mother."


- Rumi


Just one day in a year is too less to pay tribute to their magnificence, and hence we want to leave no stones unturned on this remarkable occasion to make them feel special. However, we understand that it can get a bit overwhelming to decide what gifts to choose for them considering mothers are never impressed with expensive gifts, instead they prefer things that hold value more than cost.


So we have compiled for you a list of the top 5 worthy gifts for mothers that might not only leave them elated but also show how much you care for them.

1.  A Gift box of Herbal Tea Assortment For a chai-loving Mom

This Mother's Day don’t just give her any tea, present her this premium assortment of Ayurvedic Herbs specifically hand-picked for mothers. Blue Tea’s Gift for Mom is an exquisite assortment of 6 unique blends that not only taste great but also help boost immunity. The age-old spices and herbs are loaded with Ayurvedic benefits. These are rich in antioxidants and can help in weight management. These are also known for having anti-aging benefits while keeping their skin healthy and glowing. So what are you waiting for order now and watch her glow with this thoughtful gift. 🥰

2.  A bonsai for the gardener-mom

Trees symbolize life, strength, growth, and resilience, qualities that are synonymous with every woman, especially mothers. This special gift will help decorate her space, cleanse the room atmosphere, provide oxygen, and above all, leave a presence of yours with her even when you are away for work. She would get to care for it and cherish it for the years to come. 🌲

3.  An Inspirational book for book-loving mom

There can be no better gift for a bookworm than a book itself. If your mom loves dwelling in bed spending her quality time reading books then you got your gift for her. You can do your own research or if you already know her favorite genre then just find a good book, check the review from, and order from any e-commerce website or your local bookstore whichever suits you. 📖

4.  Puja accessories for religious mom

If your mom loves spending time in her puja room I bet she would adore a few collectibles for her deity. You can gift her curated Ganesha or Saraswati idols, with Diya or let’s say an eye-catching rose-embellished puja thali to elevate her worship experience. You can gift her an elegant Uruli or Dhoop cone to treasure the essence of every festival. It won’t be hard to find these on any e-commerce website. 🙏

5.  Flower Tisanes for trending mom

Gifting her flowers is outdated. Instead, offer her Flower Tisanes this time. Flower tisanes, also known as Flower Teas are natural infusions of flowers in hot water. Flowers such as Hibiscus, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, and Butterfly Pea give us some of the classiest flower teas worldwide. Hibiscus tea for instance gives us a striking red and luscious drink that can soothe your parched throat any time of the day or season. Flower teas are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and several nutritional benefits. These are caffeine free and thus make it perfect for your mother if she is looking to limit her caffeine intake. These act as great alternatives to green teas. 🌺


Flower teas had been in use for thousands of years in Ayurveda as well as in other parts of the world like Egypt, Rome, China, etc. (to know more about Flower Tea you can read here)


Fun Fact: Flower Teas can also be consumed as Iced Teas and can help keep us hydrated. So help your mom beat the summer with this age-old Ayurvedic practice.


Hope we could narrow down your search categorically with the above alternatives. You can now choose whatever suits best for your mom. Eventually, it’s all about making her happy. Wishing you all the very best and a Happy Mother’s Day!



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