Butterfly Pea Matcha

  • BLUE TEA - Butterfly Pea Matcha
  • AYURVEDA MYSTERY HERB- Filled with amazing health benefits for calming mind to glowing skin, Blue pea has been used in Ayurveda - Ancient medicine science, for ages for many medicinal properties.
  • BLUE LATTE - Make Beautiful Caffeine Free Latte - filled with anti oxidants
  • AMAZING BLUE RECIPES - Beautiful blue natural color for edible creations in your Mocktails, Cocktails, Drinks and foods; such as smoothies, cookies and snacks, coffee! Follow youtube channel for recipes
  • COLOR CHANGING TEA – BLUE TEA butterfly pea powder changes to a beautiful violet color when you add lemon or anything acidic!
  • SUPERFOOD HEALTHY BOOST – Butterfly pea powder is a natural superfood with anti-inflammatory properties, nootropic, analgesic, and is diuretic. It works amazing for Skin rejuvination and anti ageing.

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