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Glowing Skin Chamomile Tea

50 Gram - 100 Cups
  • Chamomile Whole Flower Tea naturally relaxes the nervous system, with organic whole chamomile flowers, you can get a better full night sleep Calm an upset stomach: if you suffer from a stomach ache to Boost your immune system: drinking this sweet chamomile tea to boost your immune system can prevent illness and bolster your defense against sickness. This is the perfect soothing drink to prevent you from becoming ill during those cold winter months.

  • Organic sun dried chamomile flower tea : 30 gms.

    • HELPS IN FLAWLESS SKIN NATURALLY- Filled with Anti oxidants and contains No Caffeine
    • REDUCES ANXIETY: Chamomile flower tea has anti-oxidants and flavonoids regulate cellular activity and fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress on your body.
    • IMPROVES IMMUNITY: Chamomile tea boosts the immune system and helps fight infections associated with colds. It has antimicrobial properties which kill slow the spread microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses.
    • PROMOTES DIGESTIVE HEALTH : Proper digestion is important to overall health. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties chamomile tea protect against diarrhea, stomach ulcers, nausea and gas.
    • HELPS IN PCOS : BLUE TEA - Chamomile flower tea has Antispasmodic properties which ease menstrual cramps and lessen the possibility of premature labor. This medicinal herb also stimulates menstruation.
  • Brewing Information for loose tea

    cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Flower Time
    120 ml 80 -100℃ 5 Flowers/0.5 g 4 mins
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