COMBO - Butterfly Pea, Rose and Chamomile Tea

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  • Perfect Value Combo - 85g | 150 cups
  • Butterfly Pea, Rose, and Chamomile Tea

    • Triple Combo 3-In-1 | Herbal Tea | Caffeine Free | Flower Tea - 150 Cups | 85g
    • Pre Marriage Weight Loss Pack
    • Detox Pack for Healthy Skin
    • Rich in Anti Oxidant and Ribo-flavonoids
    • Helps for Sleeping Patterns and De-Stress
  • Brewing Information for loose tea

    cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Flower Time
    150ml 80 -100℃ 5 Flowers/0.5 g 4 mins
  • The product though has medicinal values but is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Being natural product consistency and nutritional value may vary.

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