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We believe every tea drinker deserves to know how, where, and when their tea was born. The greatness of a tea lies in its very precise origins. We’re redefining the way the world thinks about and enjoys tea by ensuring the leaves are superbly sourced—and hand-picked and packed—every time. We can do this because we know the best teas in India, and we work right at the sources, in the same gardens where the teas we sell are grown.


The traditional tea route is a long one, beginning in the garden and involving multiple middlemen. It takes between 6-8 months for teas, once produced, to reach the consumer. No one seems to have stopped to ask why. Or attempt a more efficient system.

We chose to ask questions. We did away with the long supply chain, reducing it from five stages to two. We’ve become the single link between producer and a global consumer base. The happy consequence is a better price for a much better tea.

Moisture robs teas of freshness and renders them state rapidly. Our quality norms insist on a maximum moisture level of 4%. A temperature and humidity controlled-facility ensures that this is maintained. The teas themselves go into opaque bags with an aluminium layer that protect them from excess moisture and light.

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