Blue Tea Ayurvedic Tulsi

Double Chambered Teabags 12 teabags | 24 cups
  • Ships within 24 hours

  • Herbal Blend of Butterfly Pea flower from organic farms of South Asian Countries and Queen of Herbs (Holy Basil).

  • Butterfly Pea Flower and Tulsi ( Holy Basil)

  • Treats respiratory illnesses ranging from things as simple as mild colds and coughs to bronchitis and asthma.

    Reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

    Being an adaptogenic herb, tulsi contains anti-stress agents that help in soothing the nerves, fighting free radicals and regulating blood flow in the body.

    The antioxidants or polyphenols present in herbal tea help in fighting these radicals and delaying the signs of aging.

  • Brewing Information for tea bag

    cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Teabag Time
    180 ml 90 -100℃ 1 3-4 mins
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