Blue Pea Ayurvedic Tulsi Tea

Teabag 12 Teabags - 24 Cups
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  • Healthy and natural blend of Butterfly Pea Flower and Ayurvedic Tulsi. The blend has earthiness of blue pea flower and flavor of tulsi. Dedicated to reducing the aging of cells, repair old cells with high antioxidants. Meant for lovers of Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea. Tulsi tea is known for its therapeutic properties, tulsi or holy basil is a well-known anti-stress agent and Paired with green tea, tulsi has wondrous de-toxifying effects on the human body along with its refreshing taste notes. Tulsi or holy basil is smaller than usual basil and has a strong yet soothing aroma and taste. This is brought together perfectly in this tea. Indications: - All types of stresses, to feel relaxed, energizing, to boost stamina, to improve digestion and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, to help fight illness, rich in antioxidant activity, cold, and cough, joint pains, rheumatoid arthritis, supports healthy aging, uplift mood.

  • Butterfly Pea Flower and Tulsi ( Holy Basil) | Content : 12 No. of Sachets | 1 Sachet contains 1 N. tea bag | Wt of 1 Tea bag : 0.75g | Net Wt. 9g  

    • WINTER TEA : Tulsi has a history with Indian medicine for treatment of respiratory illnesses ranging from things as simple as mild colds and coughs to bronchitis and asthma.
    • BOOST BRAIN ACTIVITY AND REDUCES ANXIETY : Being an adaptogenic herb, tulsi contains anti-stress agents that help in soothing the nerves, fighting free radicals and regulating blood flow in the body.
    • GOOD FOR SKIN AND WEIGHT LOSS : ButterflyPea Flower is full of antioxidants and has properties that reverse the damage caused to the skin by sugar molecules which causes skin aging.It works by increasing your metabolism, which in turn helps in accelerating fat burning process. It provides a healthy and natural way to lose weight.
    • BOOST BRAIN ACTIVITY AND REDUCES ANXIETY : Blue Tea (butterfly pea) is being researched for the Healthiest tea in the world. It has Zero Caffeine - that just means - you will never have headache if you don't have it someday and no addiction at all.
  • Brewing Information for tea bag

    cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Teabag Time
    180 ml 90 -100℃ 1 3-4 mins
  • The product though has medicinal values but is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Being natural product consistency and nutritional value may vary.

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