3 Month Detox & Weight Loss | 108 Tea Bags -216 Cups | Zero Caffeine | Butterfly Pea & Egyptian Hibiscus Teas - 216 Cups

Body Detox and Weight Loss with 3 Months of Zero Caffeine Teas

Great for Skin Health, Hair growth, Body Cleansing, Weight Loss naturally with balanced diets

Content : 216 Cups

Blue Tea Indian Chai Masala : 36 Premium Pyramid Tea Bags 

Purple Tea Spiced Lemon : 36 Premium Pyramid Tea Bags 

Red Tea Egyptian Hibiscus Ginger Flush :  36 Premium Pyramid Tea Bags 

Note: 1 Cup makes 2 cups in 2 steep 

Brew Time: 1 Min and 3 Min for 2nd steep

Ingredients : Butterfly Pea, Egyptian Hibiscus sabdariffa, Ginger, lemon, Cardamom Cinnamon, Star Anese

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