Green Tea Dandelion

30 Teabags - 60 Cups
  • Green Tea Dandelion - 30 Pyramid Tea Bags Green Tea made from good quality, hand-picked Darjeeling tea leaves and is rich in antioxidants that help detoxify the body. We have added Green tea leaf with Dandelion Roots which are rich in antioxidants and digestive aids, to create a wholistic healthy cup of tea while delivering great flavour as well.

  • DELICATE GREEN TEA: Our Green Tea provides essential antioxidants making it delicious and healthy! Our tea is smooth and very delicate - easy to drink hot or iced. Enjoy the whole cup
  • BENEFITS : Dandelion comes with important fiber content that detoxifies the body and its antioxidants help lose weight
  • BOOST METABOLISM : The tea is packed with metabolism-boosting flavonoids called catechins. When your metabolism is cranked into high gear, your body will burn more energy, which in turn can help you lose excess body weight.
  • DETOXIFY : A natural flush for your system, antioxidant-rich green tea will not only help your body increase the production of detoxification properties .
  • Green Tea and Dandelion. Content : 15 No. of Tea Bags | Wt of 1 Tea Bag - 1g | Net Wt : 12g

  • No additional preservative, chemicals or harmful materials for your safety; we produce our products with best care; with advanced manufacturing technology; ensure the same effectiveness in every tea bag

  • Brewing Information

    cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Teabag Time
    180 ml 80 -100℃ 1 4 mins
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