Herbal Detox Tea Premium White Gift Pack

  • Ships within 24 hours

  • Assorted herbal range of products to flush out toxins and detoxify your body. The pack has 3 flavors with 7 sachets each of 100% natural tisane – Blue Tea Lavender, Egyptian Hibiscus Lavender and Egyptian Hibiscus Persian Rose.

  • Butterfly Pea Flower, Lavender, Egyptian Hibiscus, Persian Rose

  • Helps flush out toxins and removes TOXINS from body systems.

    Rejuvenates skin and brings glow with regular use.

    Relieves Stress, Great For Skin & Anti – Ageing.

  • Infuse one tea bag in two cups filled with 180 ml (each) hot water for 3-4 mintues. One teabag makes refreshing two cups.

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