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Blue Tea is an Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Brand. We offer health in every sip.

Why Blue Tea?

Why Blue Tea?



Blue Tea - A Magical Tea

Yum! Added to my cocktails and a squeeze of lemon - voila MAGIC!! What a colour! Thanks Blue Tea. You made my day. :D

Delhi, India
Tastes Good!!

Proud of you team Blue Tea. Take India to the World.

Prafull Billore - MBA CHAIWALA
Youth Icon | Enterpreneur
Skin health should be top priority for Women.

Blue Tea, the flower herbs are Ayurvedic & powerful for your skin. Works from inside. I love their lavender blue tea.

Aishwarya Biswas
Founder - Auli | Shark Tank India
The best Herbal Tea 😀

Wow! Keep sipping, keep glowing. Blue Tea is the best.

Social Media Professional, India
Can’t wait for another cup !!

Blue Tea gives just the perfect break from my daily chores. Something to look forward to every day. 😍

Startup Professional, Kolkata
Best way to start your day

A perfect start for my day is incomplete without Blue Tea. ❤️

Homemaker, Ahmedabad
Just perfect!

A cup of Blue Tea, yoga and a fresh morning. A combo to live for.

Online Yoga Instructor
Calms your mind !!

Calmness and Blue Tea are synonymous. What a treat to have! 

PR Professional, Kolkata

Our Story

Our Story

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