We are a community of farmer families (Blue Tea India) spread from Lower Himalayas in the North, to Ganges Plains in the center and Nilgiris in down south from heartland of India.

Blue Tea India has decentralized the tea industry set up by Colonialism in India.

We buy directly from the farms and this has helped generate rural employment, facilitate fair trade with the farmers, provide them with resources and eradicate middlemen from the supply chain.

100% handmade soap bar


Freshet Herbal Teas
We assure to provide you with freshest herbal teas, straight from the farms.

Sun Drying to Preserve Nutrition
Sun drying keeps the nutrition in and heat sensitive vitamins intact in herbal teas.

90% Women Farmers
Women farmer’s softer hands help the herbs plucked in right way

Chemical Free
Butterfly Pea and other herbs in our teas are native to the Indian soil. Who needs chemicals and why use fertilizers.

how do we uplift?

We Buy the Herbs Fair
First farmers who grew Blue Teas in 2018, took a lot of convincing. Since then, as they earn 5 Times More than normal crops, they are happier than ever.

Remove Middlemen
Founders, go the distance. We have to. Talk to farmers and onboard. 150 Farmers and counting.

What Happens Next?
Extra cash for farmers. They make their kids go to school. Learn new things. Access to better mobiles for information.

Uplifting to a Better Life

Who we are?

Who we are?

What do we offer?

What do we offer?

Farmer Promise

Farmer Promise