Purple Tea- The perfect floral tea

Purple Tea- The perfect floral tea

As the spring blossoms add a colorful palette to nature, it’s time to bring some floral aroma to your palate. Herbs and flowers are known for their refreshing taste, fragrance, and a whole bunch of natural goodness when blended into tea. Purple Tea, from Blue Tea India, brings you the right balance of floral fragrance and peak notes of herbs, to your cup. Made from dried butterfly pea flowers, the tea brings a bright lilac touch to your morning or afternoon cuppa.

Additionally, the sun-dried lemon adds to the tartness of the drink, while ginger and other ayurvedic herbs, handpicked and dried in sun, makes for a delectable concoction. Finally, topped off with Madhu Tulsi leaves, your herbal tea is naturally sweet, so you would never need that extra dose of sucrose. A sweet and tangy drink, you can infuse Blue Tea in your cocktails, juices, ice-teas and add some magic to your summer parties. But this natural beauty also comes with a whole bunch of utility.

Sourced from the wilderness of South East Asia, the butterfly pea flowers make for the original purple tea. The Anthocyanins add to the appealing color and antioxidant attributes of the herb. Besides the aroma and violet hue, Purple Tea is also packed with significant medical properties. In fact, traditional life sciences like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have revered the health benefits of this wondrous herb. High in bioflavonoids, Blue Tea helps contributes to collagen building, thus making it an anti-aging solution. These bioflavonoids also help restore your hair quality and texture and restrict hair fall. Purple Tea is also known to be natural solution to cholesterol building. Dried ginger, also added to this tea, is known to be a metabolism booster.

So, sip on a warm cup of Purple Tea and experience its benefits on your digestive system, and making you stay slim, fit and toned.

This spring, feel healthier and younger and add a splash of colors to your drinks with the miraculous Purple Tea!

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