Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 50g

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Calm Yourself with our Herbal, Butterfly Pea Tea. These Ayurvedic Flowers are delicately plucked from the mystic Himalayas and brought fresh to your cups.
  • Release stress
  • Boost your memory
  • Promote Sleep
  • Caffeine Free | Herbal Tisane | GMO FREE

About The Tea

About The Tea

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Steeping Notes

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Tasting Note

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Farmer Promise



What is Blue Tea / Butterfly Pea Tea?

Blue Tea or Butterfly Pea Tea is a flower tea made by infusion of natural Butterfly Pea Flowers in hot water. These are totally natural and Caffeine free.

How to make Blue Tea / Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

1. Infuse 5-6 Flowers in 150 ml of hot water.

2. Steep for 2-3 mins to get the best results.

3. Enjoy your sip!

How does Blue Tea / Butterfly Pea Flower Tea look?

It is a delightful blue colour. If you squeeze some lemon into it, because of the ph level the color turns purple naturally.

What does butterfly pea flower tea taste like?

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea has a smooth & an earthy flavour. It has very mild taste of its own. You can also add honey to sweeten as per taste.

What are Butterfly Pea Flower Tea's benefits for hair?

Studies say Butterfly Pea Flower Tea can be good for your hair as it contains anthocyanin, which increases blood flow in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles.

What is blue tea or butterfly tea good for?

This tea has been used since centuries for its several health benefits. It is known to be good for releasing stress, helps in weight management, promotes skin and hair health. It is also known to be good for memory.

How often can I drink butterfly pea flower tea?

You can drink Butterfly Pea Flower tea upto twice daily, any time of the day. If you are a pregnent woman please consult your doctor before consuming any flower tea.

Is it natural or any artificial colors are added in it?

It is 100% natural. It is made from Shankh Pushpi, also known as the Aprajita flower or Butterfly Pea Flower. These dried flowers are brewed in hot water to get a natural colour.

Why the Blue Tea / Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is Blue in Color?

This is due to the presence of water-soluble vacuolar pigments called anthocyanins. The main anthocyanin responsible for the deep blue to purple color is Delphinidin. To sum it up- the colours are 100% Natural.

Does Butterfly Pea Tea has caffeine?

Our Butterfly Pea Flower Teas contain 0% Caffeine thus making them perfect for tea lovers who are looking for healthy alternatives.

Customer Reviews

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Worth buying

Really refreshing

Good purchase

Butterfly pea flower is rich in antioxidants and is linked to several health benefits and I found it refreshing and soothing. The price however is on an expensive side but overall it was a good purchase.

,Manasvi Tiwari
It is refreshing

This product is so pure .....I have used it and it is just amazing ....it gives me refreshment and gives a feeling of energy ... everyone should try it once ..

Kajal Shah
Good product

I'm a tea person but have never tried blue herbal tea before
Packaging is very cute
I love the quality and quantity of the product
Inside the packaging flowers are very preety
If you have a sweet tooth like me you can try this with honey or you can also add lemon to have tangy flavour
It's blue in colour and it can be made as hot and cold both drinks
it's a good product i would definitely recommend it

Maimuna Khan
Nice product.

This tea is stunning to watch - use a glass mug if possible. And, like litmus paper, it changes color when an acid is added (acv, lemon juice). It's got an earthy flavor that's soothing and pleasant.
It does in fact brew up blue, there's little flavour or aroma which renders it something I can drink like water with the added fun of colour.