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Blue Infusion- The Alchemy of Vedas and science

Blue Infusion- The Alchemy of Vedas and Science

‘Aparajita-stotra’ sung by Gods to appease ‘Sakti’, the woman with three eyes and hair in the form of a bun holding the crescent moon. Her forearms held Shiva’s bow, arrow, sword, and shield. The snake, Vasuki, is her wristlet as she rode a lion. She was called upon to kill Sumbha and Nisumbha, the asuras who were blessed by the boon that no man or demon could destroy them. [The Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Swami Harshanananda, Ram Krishna Math, Bangalore] The name Aparajita means ‘undefeated/impossible to overcome’.

A dive into Nostalgia:

Traveling through the timeline again the film ‘Aparajito’, meaning the unvanquished, directed by Satyajit Ray remains an eternal classic owing to its name.

So can a cuppa colored like spring, with a rare hue of lavender bring about a stir of nostalgia? Sure, it can. As the flower makes its place in the song written by Jatindra Mohan Bagchi with the famous line ‘The fame of beautyless irony’ or in the poem by Malayali poet Vayalar Ramavarna, 

where the flower makes King Dushyanta nostalgic as it reminds him of those eyes of Shakuntala; it just struck me why a flower so devoid of any fragrance catches the imagination of such eminent poets and directors time and again in different languages. 

Mythology and Butterfly Pea:

Sacred in Hindu mythology, the Conch shaped butterfly pea flower was brought to the planet by Guru Sukracharya. The plausible explanation for the sanctity and extensive use of this flower for Goddess Durga and Shiva was given by a study published in January 8, 2018, in an issue of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

“The plant has therapeutic values and can be used in the war against diabetes” - BMC complementary and alternative medicines. 

The flower is known to contain polycylated anthocyanin and flavonol glycosides which are major constituents of healthy skin as suggested by some Asian researchers. The study published in Phytotherapy Research in Feb 2018 the components of tea helps skin cells to fight against oxidative stress and skin degeneration due to ultraviolet rays.

As the Indie myths existed for time unknown these flowers are kept in ‘urulis’ to ward off the evil eye. Even aesthetically, a corner of your living room adorned by a copper uruli and those baby

blue hues floating on your porcelain can be aromatherapy after the most inauspicious day in the office. 


Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. To utilize the drink that is most common in India and to widen the inclusivity of other beneficial potential compatibility components, came Blue Tea. A color like a bowlful of clear blue sky and a vast ocean, this is rich in freshness and possibilities. The hand-picked healing flowers amalgamated in age-old Indian spices offer certain instrumental enzymes that remain unavailable in any other sources. It has natural antioxidants that enhance blood circulation, hinder hair loss and graying, purify the blood, improves night vision, and rejuvenate skin and hair. 



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